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14th May 2024 Ana Bradley (2023, English)

Charles Foster publishes Intuitively Rational: How We Think and How We Should

Charles Foster, Supernumerary Fellow at Exeter College, has recently published his latest book alongside Andrew McGee, Associate Professor in Law at Queensland University of Technology. Published by Springer Link, Intuitively Rational: How We Think and How We Should is about the “respective roles of intuition and reasoning in ethics.”

Professor Foster is a Senior Research Associate at the Oxford Uehiro Institute of Practical Ethics at the Faculty of Philosophy, and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Law. He is also the author of over forty other books.

Former Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford and associate Fellow of Green Templeton College Dr Ian McGilchrist endorses Intuitively Rational as “a book that should be on every intelligent reader’s shelves.”

The book engages with both Jonathan Haidt, a proponent of making moral decisions based on intuition, and Joshua Greene, who believes we should rely on reason instead. According to Professor Roger Crisp, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford, the fields of philosophical ethics and moral psychology have been wedged apart by these opposing views, however, “McGee and Foster make a thought-provoking case for removing that wedge.” The study is, according to Professor Crisp, “radical in its moderation.” 

Intuitively Rational offers a refreshing perspective in its moderation, and is of great interest to psychologists and philosophers alike.

Click here to purchase the book.

Cover of Intuitively Rational

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