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15th January 2010

Christmas at Exeter is a splendid affair!

Around 25 Junior Members (mostly graduates and some undergraduates from the Williams Exchange Programme) gathered around the fireplace in the Lodgings on Christmas Eve. The Rector, for the second successive year, had very kindly invited all those students in Oxford during Christmas to spend the evening with her and her family, and to a Christmas supper cooked by her husband. Edwardian party games before and after the supper provided much of the hilarity for the evening – mostly involving mime and guess-work (e.g. gift-wrapping a horse) – they were enjoyed by everyone!

The Christmas supper itself was splendid – congratulations to Mr McRae, the cook for the evening, for producing the feast for all of us by himself. The fabulous meal ended with pudding made by the Rector according to her mother-in-law’s special Christmas recipe! The evening wound up with an enthusiastic singing of some carols – even the musically challenged amongst us were not too shy to join in, such was the camaraderie and warmth shared that evening.

Sahana Ghosh (2008, Migration Studies)

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