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12th February 2015

Christopher Tookey (1969, Modern History) considers talkies and turkeys

Award-winning film critic Christopher Tookey (1969, Modern History), who was sole film critic for the Daily Mail for 20 years and the London Press Club’s Arts Reviewer of the Year 2013, has published two books, one celebrating his favourite films of the past 25 years, the other lamenting the worst the art-form has to offer.

Tookey’s Talkies celebrates 144 of Christopher Tookey’s favourite modern films, from The Artist to The Tourist. Not all of these films was a box office hit. Indeed, some were not generally critically acclaimed either. But Christopher Tookey puts forward his case for their place in film history.

At the other end of the scale, Tookey’s Turkeys looks at Mr Tookey’s least favourite films from the past 25 years. Some have won Oscars, some are among the most successful films of all time, but all of them, he feels, are “bloody awful” and tell us something about present-day culture and values.

Tookey’s Talkies and Tookey’s Turkeys are available to buy on Amazon.

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