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15th March 2016

Clare Fisher (2006, History) to publish debut novel

The debut novel by Exeter alumna Clare Fisher (2006, History), Beth’s List, will be published by Viking, Penguin in May 2017.

Beth is in prison and she’s writing a list of good things to her child. As she tells the story of her rollercoaster life so far, she is surprised by how much good she uncovers, yet finds it harder and harder to avoid the very bad thing which is the reason she’s locked up…

The paperback publication of the novel will coincide with the publication of Miss Fisher’s first collection of short stories, How the Light Gets In (Influx Press). Incorporating a wide range of voices and experiences, these very short stories explore light, dark and how we find our way from one to the other.

You can read more about Miss Fisher’s writing on her website,

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