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15th June 2017

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone visits Exeter College

Students from across the University were enthralled to hear Twitter co-founder and friend of Exeter, Biz Stone, when he returned to College in June with his mentor, Steve Snider. Biz and Steve, an award-winning photographic artist and designer, joined this year’s illustrious speakers in the Rector’s Seminar Series, which aims to spark debate and conversation around today’s major challenges.

Although their session was entitled ‘Finding the right people to start companies with’, it encompassed a multitude of wide-ranging topics: from Biz and Steve’s earliest meeting at publishers Little, Brown (where Biz covertly designed a sample cover for The Atlantic magazine using early software) to Twitter’s early days and ‘doing good when you’re doing well’.

Throughout the conversation, Biz paid tribute to the influence that Steve has had on his personal and business success. Steve’s impact has been matched by inspiring colleagues with whom Biz has worked, including Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, and those with whom he would like to work in the future.

Following the presentation, Exeter students enjoyed a rare opportunity to network with Biz and Steve over dinner in the Rector’s garden.

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