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18th March 2015

Cohen Quad roof receives go-ahead

The stunning champagne and bronze roof design of Cohen Quad has been approved by Oxford City Council.

On 10 March the West Area Planning Committee, on behalf of Oxford City Council, met to review the roofing material proposed for Cohen Quad, and officially approved it.

Although the shape of the roof and the use of metal tiling was agreed in the original planning permission, it has taken over three years to reach a formal agreement that Exeter can use Rimex stainless steel tiles in the beautiful contrasting champagne and bronze colours.

The tiles are created by taking raw stainless steel and anodising it through a chemical dipping process to achieve a stable and consistent colour that does not deteriorate or dull over time, rolling it and applying a subtle texture, and then bead blasting it to reduce any shine.

The result is a soft blend of tones that complement the other external materials of Bath stone, timber, and brick. We look forward to seeing the full splendour of the roof as building work continues this year and next.

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