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17th February 2021 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

Cohen Quad wins 2021 Civic Trust Award

Cohen Quad entrance and colonnade

Cohen Quad main foyer and colonnade. Photo by Hufton and Crow

Cohen Quad, Exeter College’s newest premises, will receive a Civic Trust Award in 2021, it has been announced. The site, initially nominated for a regional award, has recently been named as one of 40 successful projects in the UK and internationally that will receive a national level award. The category of the award will be announced during a virtual awards ceremony in March.

Cohen Quad, situated on Walton Street, opened in 2017. Just a 10-minute walk from Turl Street, it is a pivotal part of College life. Its en-suite study-bedrooms enable Exeter to guarantee all students three years of accommodation in College rooms, and a large auditorium, multiple seminar rooms, and an open-plan study space known as the Learning Commons make the site an excellent space for teaching and learning. These spaces, and more, lie within a beautiful environment designed by Alison Brooks Architects.

In 2017, at the formal opening, Rector Rick Trainor described Cohen Quad as, ‘one of Oxford’s major new buildings of the 21st Century’. Four years later, the building has been given recognition of this kind by the Civic Trust Award. Founded in 1959, the Trust recognises outstanding architecture, planning and design in a built environment. One of the only remaining independent built environment award schemes, the Trust focuses on celebrating projects that have made a positive contribution to local communities.

Rector Rick Trainor commented: ‘Both personally and on behalf of Exeter, I would like to congratulate Alison Brooks Architects most warmly on the Civic Trust success.’

Rector Trainor and Alison Brooks recently spoke at the Festival of Higher Education in an online webinar on the topic, ‘Cohen Quadrangle: Creating a scholarly home’. The webinar is available to view online and gives fascinating insight into the thought processes involved in designing Cohen Quad and how the new site has contributed to student lift and the experience of Exonians more widely. To view the webinar click here (registration with your email address is required).


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