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08th December 2023

Cornelia Drutu is named this year’s Emmy Noether Guest Professor at the University of Göttingen

Exeter College Fellow in Pure Mathematics Cornelia Drutu has been named this year’s prestigious Emmy Noether Guest Professor. The Faculty of Mathematics within the University of Göttingen elects an outstanding mathematician annually to take up the post. The scholar then spends three to four weeks in Göttingen presenting and discussing their current research.

Professor Cornelia Drutu is an expert in geometric group theory and  topology. In 2009, she became a Professor of Mathematics at the Oxford Mathematical Institute. The same year, she received the Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society, which is awarded to early-career mathematicians working in the United Kingdom for their contributions to the field.

Professor Drutu’s most recent honour is named for Emmy Noether, who made immeasurable contributions to the field of abstract algebra. Noether studied at Göttingen and would later become a leading member of the Faculty. She is considered one of the foremost mathematicians of the early twentieth-century.

Previous recipients of the Emmy Noether Guest Professorship include the celebrated mathematicians Claire Voisin, Caroline Series and Eva Bayer-Fluckiger.

Congratulations to Cornelia Drutu for this excellent achievement!

Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether

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