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17th December 2020

Discussing Race Equality and the Student Experience

Following the latest seminar in Exeter's new Race Equality Seminar series, Ayesha Sehgal (2018, History and English) talks to Jamie Titus-Glover (2018, PPE) and Safa Sadozai (2018, History) about the seminars and why they are important.

Exeter College students and Fellows held the second Race Equality Seminar of Michaelmas Term recently, exploring themes of race and equality surrounding the student experience. The online seminar began with a screening of Somalinimo, a short film by Alice Aedy and Awa Farah about their experiences of being black, Muslim, and Somali, at the University of Cambridge. The screening was followed by a discussion about the experience of being from a minority background in Oxford. The seminar followed Exeter’s inaugural Race Equality Seminar, which featured Exeter Fellows and staff discussing race within their fields of work.

Following the latest seminar, Exeter student Ayesha Sehgal (2018, History and English) spoke to Jamie Titus-Glover (2018, PPE), BME representative for Exeter College’s JCR committee, and Safa Sadozai (2018, History), who co-chaired the latest seminar discussion, about the seminar series and diversity at Exeter College.

The interview can be watched below or by clicking here.

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