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03rd November 2023

DPhil student José Parra Zeltzer publishes book on Chilean film criticism

Exeter College DPhil student José Parra Zeltzer (2022, Medieval and Modern Languages) has published his first book, Un acto de plena escritura: Crítica de cine y la inscripción de lo nuevo en Chile (A Complete Act of Writing: Film Criticism and the Inscription of the New in Chile).

The book, published by Editorial Cuarto Propio, analyses the ways in which Chilean film criticism collaborated, directly or indirectly, with the establishment of two key moments in the history of Chilean cinema: the “new Chilean cinema” of the late 1960s and the “newest Chilean cinema”, which emerged in the year 2005. Through working with archives, whether in newspapers, magazines, books or digital sites, José aims to describe different “scenes of critical writing” and how these may help to understand a field of cultural production. Likewise, the book seeks to examine how some of the most relevant films of Chilean cinema have been received, discussed and thought about.

Congratulations to José on a remarkable achievement.

You can purchase the book and find out more here.

Book cover of Un acto de plena escritura


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