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28th November 2023

Dr Corinne Cath publishes Eaten by the Internet

Dr Corinne Cath (2016, DPhil Information, Communication and Social Sciences) has edited a new collection exploring the uses, abuses, and transformative power of the internet. Eaten by the Internet sees internet infrastructure as a force of political power, which is transforming the social world, from the bottom up.

The book contains fifteen chapters by researchers, activists, and techies. President of the Signal App Meredith Whittaker writes about what it takes to build public interest tech at scale and misinformation expert Professor Joan Donovan considers how to build counter-power in the tech industry. The chapters take on other thorny topics, discussing power consolidation in the advertisement and cloud industry, the role of internet infrastructure in the war in Ukraine, and tech’s environmental impact—amongst others.

The book roots contemporary technology debates in the politics of internet infrastructure and urges us to ask how can we ensure our infrastructures sustain us, rather than consume us?

Exeter College congratulates Corinne on this exceptional achievement!

The book is available to order here.

Eaten by the Internet

Image courtesy of Meatspace Press

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