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15th January 2021 Rosa Chalfen (2019, English)

Dr Dominic Berry publishes latest book

Exeter alumnus Dr Dominic H Berry (1983, Lit Hum) has published his fifth book examining the speeches of Cicero with Oxford University Press.

The book, titled Cicero’s Catilinarians, is the first extended discussion of the set of four speeches, which Cicero presented before the senate in 63BC against the conspirator Cataline and his followers. The speeches were published three years later, with substantial editing from Cicero in order to celebrate his role in the repression of the conspiracy. Dr Berry thus questions how we approach the study of speeches, whether as literature or merely as political propaganda. He also examines how the story of Catiline has impacted generations of writers, from Virgil to Ben Jonson and Henrik Ibsen.

Dr Berry is a Senior Lecturer in Classics at University of Edinburgh. He was a Scholar at Exeter College and then a Senior Scholar at Lincoln College, and has published several books on Cicero’s political and defence speeches.

To purchase a copy of Cicero’s Catilinarians click here.

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