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16th June 2014

Dr Jane Hiddleston, Fellow in French, publishes Decolonising the Intellectual

Dr Jane Hiddleston, Fellow in French at Exeter College, has published Decolonising the Intellectual: Politics, Culture, and Humanism at the End of the French Empire (Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures).

The book has been described by Professor Max Silverman as an “erudite study of the vexed questions facing Francophone intellectuals in their response to colonial politics, ideas and culture and received ideas of the human.” Professor Silvernam called it “intellectually strong and very well written.”

Dr Hiddleston was recently awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. The fellowships offer up to £45,000 over three to twenty-four months for experienced researchers to conduct a programme of research in their discipline.

You can read more about Decolonising the Intellectual and purchase a copy here.

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