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16th July 2013

Dr Joanna Dunkley wins the Maxwell Medal and prize

Congratulations to Dr Joanna Dunkley, Tutorial Fellow in Physics, who has won the Maxwell Medal and prize for her contributions to determining the structure and history of our Universe.

The Maxwell Medal and prize is made for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics, mathematical or computational physics.

Dr Dunkley received the award in recognition of her work on the Cosmic Microwave Background, including her contribution to NASA’s WMAP satellite Science Team. She played a leading role in compiling the most detailed map ever of the radiation left over just 380,000 years after the Big Bang.

Dr Dunkley is the second Exeter Fellow to receive the Maxwell Medal, Professor Andrew Steane, Fellow in Physics, having won it in 2000.

For further details of Dr Dunkley’s work and the Maxwell Medal see the Institute of Physics website.

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