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09th December 2014

Dr Martin Davy discusses the internal combustion engine in 2040

Dr Martin Davy, Fellow in Engineering, discussed “the internal combustion engine in 2040” at the recent Physics and Engineering Dinner. His lecture is now available to listen online by clicking here.

Dr Davy’s primary research interests lie in the development of low-emission internal combustion engines for transportation and power-generation and the development of optical diagnostics for combustion research. His current research includes experimental studies of low temperature diesel combustion and fuel-air mixing processes in gaseous fuelled engines, as well as the numerical modelling of alcohol fuel blends. Dr Davy is also interested in problems of a more fundamental nature related to atomisation and sprays, and the auto-ignition of turbulent jets.

His talk was enjoyed by students and alumni who read physics or engineering ahead of a black-tie dinner in Hall.

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