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15th September 2023

Dr Paula Koelemeijer leads audiences on a journey to the centre of the Earth

In a new BBC Ideas clip, made in partnership with the Royal Society, Tutorial Fellow in Earth Sciences Dr Paula Koelmeijer takes viewers on a journey from the surface of our planet to its deepest core. BBC Ideas is a collection of short films featuring experts who provide thought-provoking perspectives across a broad range of topics.

Dr Koelmeijer is an Associate Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth Sciences who focuses on utilising seismic waves to understand the landscapes of the Earth’s deep interior. Her BBC Ideas clip, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth,” reveals fascinating information about the “onion-like” layers of our planet. While there are 6,371 kilometres from the surface to the centre of the earth, life only exists in the top three kilometres. Beyond the top crust of the Earth, 30 to 50 kilometres in, is the mantle, a layer of hot rock that appears solid but in fact flows a few centimetres each year. 2,900 kilometres down, the outer core emanates a magnetic field which protects the Earth from dangerous solar waves. Finally, the inner core at the very centre of the planet is over 6,000 degrees centigrade.

Complete with amusing graphics, Dr Koelmeijer’s video is an example of the excellent public-facing work conducted by Exeter academics.

Learn more fun facts and watch the full video here.

Thumbnail for "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" BBC Ideas Video

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