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21st March 2024 Abdulhakeem Ibraheem Abdulkareem (2023, MPP)

Dr Simone Bacchini (2000, General Linguistics and Comparative Philology) publishes new book on linguistics and healthcare

Exeter College alumnus, Dr Simone Bacchini (2000, General Linguistics and Comparative Philology) has recently published his new book, An Introduction to Language and Communication for Allied Health and Social Care Professions, with Routledge.

The book helps readers to understand how language works and its importance in healthcare and social work. It explains how language is used to convey meaning, build relationships, and express identity. Drawing from fields such as sociolinguistics and pragmatics, the book provides practical tools and insights that can be applied in everyday work and personal communication. Dr Bacchini’s book contains discussion points, summaries, and suggestions for further reading which makes it a useful resource for students studying public health, social work, nursing, and other related fields, as well as for practicing professionals looking to improve their communication skills.

Dr Bacchini is the Subject Librarian (Arts and Humanities) at the British Library. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Working with Older People (Emerald). We congratulate Dr Bacchini on the publication of his new book and his contributions to the fields of linguistics, healthcare, and social work. You can purchase the book here.

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