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07th December 2017

Earth Sciences students aim to map northern Norway

A team of Earth Sciences students, including Exeter’s Harri Ravenscroft (2016), are aiming to travel to Tromsø in northern Norway for their summer mapping project. Jonty Simson (St Edmund’s Hall), Will Eaton (University College) and Harri have launched a project to raise money for the expedition and to document it for the benefit of students and the public.

All Earth Sciences students undertake a six-week mapping project, usually in the summer vacation between their second and third years. Harri and his team have decided to travel to Tromsø, inside the Arctic Circle at 69 degrees north of the equator, using an electric powered vehicle. After surveying the area for their geological maps they hope to travel back to the UK via several European universities and schools where they aim to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental  issues through talks about how people can reduce their carbon footprint.

They also want to make a documentary about the process of planning and executing a mapping project to aid students who have to undertake similar projects in the future. The documentary will be published online and made accessible to anyone.

Harri, Jonty and Will are aiming to raise £500 to help cover the costs of their trip. If you would like to find out more about the expedition or to support it click here.

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