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18th March 2024

Endeavour’s Shaun Evans gives dramatic reading in Exeter College Chapel

Exeter College was delighted to welcome actor Shaun Evans back to College on 3 March.

Shaun Evans was the star of long-running ITV drama seriesĀ Endeavour, which was inspired by Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novels, and visited Exeter College several times to record episodes of the show, as actor and on one occasion also director.

The final episode of Endeavour was partly shot in Exeter College, and between takes Shaun commented how much he would miss visiting Oxford colleges when the show concluded. Exeter’s Finance and Estates Bursar, Nick Badman, jumped at the opportunity to invite Shaun to return to Exeter, and we were delighted that he not only came to the final High Table of Hilary Term but also gave a dramatic reading of the Passion of Christ in Exeter College Chapel.

Shaun delivered the reading with consummate professionalism and thrilled fans of the show by taking time after the Chapel service to chat with members of the congregation.

Shaun Evans visits Exeter College Chapel

Shaun Evans gave a dramatic reading in Exeter College Chapel and afterwards chatted with members of the congregation (pictured here with a fan who travelled from London especially for the reading)

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