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Average number of places available each year at Exeter College: 10.

The Course

The Oxford English syllabus covers the entire spread of English Literature from Old English (“Anglo-Saxon”) to the present, as well as a range of special options as widely divergent as, for example, American Literature, Women’s Writing, Critical Theory, Medieval Latin, Classical Literature and various Celtic languages related to English. The core of undergraduate teaching is done in the College, but teaching can be arranged for any of the options offered by the syllabus. We do our best to ensure that students’ special teaching needs can be met.

Teaching is principally by tutorials, but small classes, group discussions and lectures are also integral to the course.


Despite the heavy pressure of the course, many of our students seem to find time for acting, directing, journalism and organising arts events. These sometimes lead to careers in the theatre or media, though a fair number of English graduates go on to law, advertising or business management as well as teaching.

Teaching and Research Staff: