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31st August 2023

Eric Jones (1958, Economic and Social History) publishes new book on animal history

Exeter alumnus Dr Eric Jones (1958, Economic and Social History) has recently published A History of Livestock and Wildlife: Animal Wealth and Human Usage. Dr Jones has written a range of non-fiction works, such as Small Earthquake in Wiltshire, Landed Estates and Rural Inequality in English History, and Barriers of Growth.

Dr Jones’s newest release, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, tracks how the use of wildlife products and advances in livestock feeding propelled Western economic growth. While early-modern and early industrial histories typically emphasise the importance of manufacturing, the history of livestock and wildlife are comparatively under-recognised. Dr Jones seeks to restore the balance.

A History of Livestock and Wildlife describes how animals were driven immense distances to market and harnessed for transportation and to power machines; even after industrialisation, animals were employed for innumerable purposes, besides being co-opted as pets.

Learn more and purchase the book here. To receive 25 per cent off the purchase price use promotional code ‘PROMO25’.

A History of Livestock and Wildlife

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