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05th August 2014

Exeter alumnus launches United Ramen

Exeter alumnus Aaron Resch (1998, Biochemistry) will launch his new London-based restaurant, United Ramen, later this month. The restaurant, which is influenced by Asian and particularly Japanese cuisine and specialises in ramen noodle dishes, is based at 105-106 Upper Street, Islington.

United Ramen will open on 22 August and will be offering 50% off food and soft drinks until 31 August before the restaurant’s full launch in September.

Mr Resch is a self-confessed foodie who loves to share his culinary experiences with people. He was inspired to launch United Ramen after living in Asia Pacific for three years. The restaurant celebrates the cultural influences and history that led to the development of modern Japanese ramen dishes, but also offers food infused with different cultural flavours.

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