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10th September 2014

Exeter Annual Fund beats all previous records

The College’s 700th anniversary year ended on a high note, with 45% of all alumni making a gift to Exeter within the 2013/14 financial year, and almost 50% of all undergraduate alumni donating at some level.

This means that Exeter’s position as most supported higher education institution in the UK, in terms of proportion of alumni choosing to give, is still very secure. In fact it is quite possible that Exeter is among the top 10 most supported institutions in the world.

The Annual Fund raised £899,588 in unrestricted income in 2013-14, more than ever before. The income will provide vital support for students who require financial assistance, much needed funding for the Walton Street development and crucial subsidising of our outstanding tutorial system.

We have been deeply touched by the loyalty of Exonians around the world, and we’d like to thank the 2,601 Exonians who showed their support in the College’s 700th anniversary year. Floreat Exon!

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