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14th June 2016

Exeter College and Santander renew funding agreement

The Rector, Sir Rick Trainor, was delighted to welcome Robin Foale, Managing Director of Santander Universities UK, to the College to co-sign the renewed funding agreement between Santander and Exeter today.

Santander will continue to support annual graduate scholarships, the Queen Sofia Fellowship in Spanish, and Exeter’s macro-economics seminar series.

Exeter and Santander have been partners for six years and this renewed agreement cemented the relationship for a further three.

The support which Santander shows to Exeter is mirrored across the collegiate University and Mr Foale had spent the morning meeting with the new Vice Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, and colleagues in the Development Office at Wellington Square.

Santander Universities UK support over 80 universities across the country (not including all the Oxbridge Colleges) and, as Mr Foale said during tea after the signing, “we, and our support, are here to stay”. All those at Exeter were delighted to hear this news and look forward to sharing stories with Santander about how their financial support of students and academics transforms the experiences and opportunities of those at Exeter.

Robin Foale (left) and Rector Trainor sign the agreement.

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