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11th March 2024

Exeter College rowers prepare for the 2024 Boat Races

Exeter College is well-represented in both the Oxford University Boat Club and Oxford University Women’s Boat Club squads. Jelmer Bennema (2023, MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance) rows for the men. The women’s squad features an exceptional four Exonians, Ella Stadler (2019, History; 2022, MPhil History of Science, Medicine and Technology), Victoria Fletcher (2021, English), Harriett Cooper (2021, Engineering Science), and Maria Nielson-Scott (2018, Medicine). The crews for the Blue and reserve boats will be officially announced this Wednesday, 13 March.

Three of the five rowers in the University’s Boat Club squads learned to row during their time at Exeter College. When asked about the prospect of winning the Boat Race, Harriett Cooper said, “As someone who only picked up rowing at Oxford, winning the Boat Race would be the culmination of three years of hard work doing a sport that I have fallen in love with. I would be so proud of the other athletes that I have been training with who have made the experience so special already.”

In addition to Exeter’s fantastic representation at the races, two of the women’s rowers are Presidents of this year’s University Women’s Boat Clubs. Ella Stadler is the President of the Oxford University Women’s Boat Club and Vicky Fletcher the Oxford University Women’s Lightweight Rowing Club.

Each rower has managed to balance their academic work with a rigorous training schedule. We congratulate each student athlete for their incredible drive and achievement!

Exeter’s cohort of rowers bodes well for upcoming celebrations for the Exeter College Boat Club Bicentenary, including a viewing of the Boat Races themselves and a special dinner, both organised by Exeter College Boat Club Alumni Association Chair Matt Holyoak. Click here to view upcoming Exeter College Boat Club Alumni events.

The Boat Races will take place on 30 March 2024.

The 2024 Exeter College rowers on the Boat Race squads

From left to right: Jelmer Bennema, Ella Stadler, Victoria Fletcher, Harriet Cooper, and Maria Nielson-Scott

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