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30th June 2010

Exeter expertise on display

Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, Exeter’s Fellow in German, and Dr John Maddicott, Emeritus Fellow in History, are between them currently dominating the window display of OUP’s prestigious book shop on the High.

One of the shop’s two large windows is entirely filled with imposing displays of Dr Maddicott’s Origins of the English Parliament 924-1327 and Professor Watanabe-O’Kelly’s Beauty or Beast? The Woman Warrior in the German Imagination from the Renaissance to the Present. An enterprising member of staff has even created a little woman warrior figure to sit in the middle of Professor Watanabe-O’Kelly’s books with a helmet, long Brunnhilde-plaits and a sword!

This eye-catching display is a wonderful testimony to the contributions Exeter and its Fellows are making to academia today.

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