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24th February 2009

Exeter Fellow Explores Antimatter In New Book

Frank Close’s new popular book, “Antimatter”, will be Blackwell’s Book of the Month in February.

As the antidote to Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” (which comes out as a movie later this year), it discusses things such as: could you make an antimatter bomb; is it true the US Air Force were researching antimatter weapons; could antimatter ever solve the worlds energy supplies; could it fuel Star Trek; did antimatter hit Siberia in 1908. etc.

Answers: no; yes; no; maybe not; unlikely.

Frank also explains what antimatter actually is, how it is made and used, and also reveals that there are two correct statements in Dan Brown’s book.

Find out all about it at the OUP Website.

You can see a short video of Frank explaining the fact and fiction of antimatter at Meet The Author.

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