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06th November 2008

Exeter hosts Edi Rama

On November 4th Exeter College was proud to host Mr. Edi Rama, chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania and Mayor of Tirana. Mr. Rama was the recipient of the World Mayor Award in 2004 and named one of Time Magazine’s European Heroes in 2005.

At Exeter, Mr. Rama addressed an audience of students, Balkanists, and local dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Oxford. He spoke on the unorthodox, but ultimately successful means that he has used to revitalise Tirana, one of Europe’s poorest cities, and help its citizens reclaim their sense of ownership over the capital.

Mr. Rama is tipped to be a major force in Balkan politics well into the future, and Exeter was honoured to give our students a chance to meet this fascinating and intriguing politician.

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