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12th November 2013

Exeter hosts first symposium to celebrate 700 years of academic excellence

On Saturday, 9th November 2013, Exeter College opened its doors to alumni and students with an interest in medicine or life sciences for its first 700th Anniversary Symposium.

A total of 77 alumni and students attended the event, which was broadly themed “Improving Medicine Individually and Globally”, and which looked at the presence of healthcare solutions in the developed and developing worlds.

The event was conceptualised by Dr Jeffrey Donlea (Staines Medical Research Fellow).

Please click here to download a copy of the programme which includes speaker biographies.

A full list of speakers and their presentations can be found below.


Lecture: “Economic Accessibility Of Healthcare in the Developed World”
Dr Ezekiel Emanuel (1980, Biochemistry) – Presentation

Discussion Panel: “Creating Interventions for the Developing World”
Dr Andrew Farmer (Fellow by Special Election, General Practice) – Presentation
Dr Kerstin Lühn (Monsanto Research Fellow, Biochemistry) – Presentation
Dr Alice Woolnough (1996, Biochemistry) – Presentation
Dr Michelle Fernandes (2008, Psychiatry) – Presentation

Lecture: “Genetics and the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease”
Professor Hugh Watkins (Professorial Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine) – Presentation

Discussion Panel: “Prevention and Treatment – Which medicine works for you?”
Dr Richard Barker (1966, Chemistry) – Presentation
Dr Rory Collins – Presentation
Dr James Kennedy (Fellow by Special Election, Physiology) – Presentation
Dr Linda Tan (1991, Biochemistry) – Presentation

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