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07th September 2015

Exeter produces map and fact-sheet for visitors

Exeter is pleased to make a map and fact-sheet available to visitors to the College. The sheet will enable visitors to explore the College’s beautiful Turl Street site safely and to learn a little about the College’s history, its grounds, and its students and alumni.

The map highlights points of interest including the exceptional views from the mound in the Fellows’ Garden, the curious sundial on Palmer’s Tower that never receives direct sunlight, the College’s two war memorials, the Antony Gormley “Another Time XI” statue, and some revealing gargoyles and grotesques.

Exeter College welcomes visitors between 2pm and 5pm on most days. Simply report to the Porters’ Lodge on Turl Street (please note larger tour groups should book in advance by calling 01865 279600). There is no charge for entry or for the map and fact-sheet.

To view the map and fact-sheet please click here.

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