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16th September 2014

Exeter publishes history of Tolkien’s life at Exeter College

Exeter College has published a fascinating 64-page booklet about the life of JRR Tolkien at Exeter College, written by John Garth, acclaimed author of Tolkien and the Great War.

Tolkien at Exeter College: How an Oxford undergraduate created Middle-earth is the story of JRR Tolkien’s life as an undergraduate at Exeter College, from peacetime into war. It is also the tale of how he first created his mythological world in 1914–15.

Rich with archive material and original sketches by Tolkien – some never before seen – Tolkien at Exeter College is essential reading for anyone interested in Tolkien, Oxford, and the histories of Britain and of Middle-earth.
The booklet is available to purchase for £8 from the Development Office. Email or call 01865 279619 to purchase a copy today.

Tolkien (leaning on the vine) in one of Exeter’s sexcentenary photographs.

Tolkien in uniform March 1916, around the time of his graduation

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