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23rd June 2011

Exeter students receive Blues recognition for intellectual prowess

Oxford’s leading chess and quiz players, including two Exeter students, were recognised recently at the University’s second annual Mindsports Blues awards evening.

Mindsports Blues were established in 2010 to recognise outstanding Varsity Match performances in sports which involve mental rather than physical exertion. Six quizzers and eight chess players received their awards from C.J. de Mooi, who is president of the English Chess Federation and a panellist on BBC2’s Eggheads.

Alex Bubb (2008, English) was awarded for his quiz knowledge. Alex was part of a four-man team that defeated Cambridge 330-185 in the Varsity Quiz Match earlier this month. Previously Alex helped Christ Church win the BBC’s University Challenge in 2008.

Steffen Schaper (2005, Physics) was one of eight students to receive awards for their chess skills. Steffen helped Oxford beat Cambridge 4.5 points to 3.5 points in the 129th Varsity Chess Match.

The criteria for membership of the Mindsports Committee are virtually identical to those laid down by the Men’s and Women’s Blues Committees, except that there is no requirement that the sport should involve specifically athletic endeavour. These criteria are:

  • There should be an annually contested Varsity Match against the University of Cambridge.
  • The Mindsport should be a major one within the University of Oxford.
  • The Mindsport should be played at a standard which compares favourably with that of other amateur clubs in the United Kingdom.
  • There should be an inveterate organisation and tradition of participation in the Mindsport within the United Kingdom and the University of Oxford, including the existence of an inter-collegiate tournament.
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