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05th December 2017

Exeter telephone campaign gets under way

From left: student callers Julian, Ellen, Matt, Matthias and Finn


The Exeter College telephone campaign will commence this evening. Undergraduate and graduate students reading a wide range of subjects will be calling alumni from their call-room in Cohen Quad to update them on events in College and talk about student life today, as well as to ask them to make a donation to support the College. They are looking forward to hearing your memories of Exeter and telling you about the impact of alumni donations. We are pleased to introduce you to some of the members of the team.

Ellen Brewster

“Hello, I’m Ellen, reading for a DPhil in Eighteenth-Century English Literature. I’m one of this year’s telephone campaign callers! I did my undergraduate degree at Exeter too, and am now back thanks to one of Exeter’s generous Amelia Jackson Senior Studentships. Because of this, I know first-hand what a difference alumni gifts make to students and their ability to get on with their studies. Working on the telephone campaign is really important to me: I’ve loved speaking to alumni about their experiences at Exeter, and hearing about all the things they have gone on to achieve. I look forward to talking to you!”

Matthias Nicholls

“Hello there! My name is Matthias and I’m a final year undergraduate studying English Language and Literature. This is my first telephone campaign and I’m very excited about being able to help with this fantastic initiative! I do a lot of work with the Chapel Choir and outreach events, and live in Cohen Quadrangle, thus am hugely aware of what immense benefit the generosity of alumni brings to life at the College. I love to chat and share stories, and I very much look forward to calling you and talking about all things Exeter!”

Julian Wellesley

“I’m Julian, a second year PPE student at Exeter. I’ve really enjoyed my first four terms at Exeter and have loved being part of the College. I try to get involved in as many aspects of College life as possible, and play a wide range of College sports as well. Upon hearing about the telephone campaign, I was immediately interested. It sounded like a great way to help raise funds, which support the College and its students, and also a fantastic way to talk to some of Exeter’s amazing alumni.”

Matt Roller

“Hello! I’m Matt, and I’m a second year PPEist at Exeter. I’m really excited to get started with the telephone campaign: I’ve worked for the College on open days in the past, and I’m aware what a difference it can make for those who are put off applying to Oxford to know that certain colleges have access schemes in place. Several of my close friends wouldn’t be able to afford to come to this university without grants or bursaries from Exeter, so I’m very keen to make a positive difference as part of this work.”

Ellen, Matthias, Julian and Matt will be part of a team of student callers who will be calling alumni between 5 and 18 December. They will ask you to consider making a gift, but if you would prefer to make your gift now, you can do so here.

We hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to share your memories of Exeter but if you would prefer not to be contacted please let us know by emailing

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