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16th March 2015

Exeter to host “Music for Consorts” concert

Exeter College Chapel will be the venue for a concert celebrating music for consorts arranged by Emeritus Fellow in German Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly. The concert will follow a lecture in the Taylor Institute earlier in the week on Meissen porcelain. All alumni and current Exonians are invited to attend both events.

The lecture and concert are part of Professor Watanabe-O’Kelly’s research project: “Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort and European Identities 1500-1800”.

The lecture will be given by Maureen Cassidy-Geiger, a world authority on Meissen porcelain with many publications, including Fragile Diplomacy: Meissen Porcelain for European Courts (Yale University Press 2008). She will discuss “Gender, Dynasty and the Politics of Porcelain” on 15 April at 5pm.

The concert will feature a selection of music composed for royal courts. It will take place at Exeter College Chapel on 17 April at 5.30pm.


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