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11th February 2022

Exeter twins with local primary school

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with local primary school, John Henry Newman Academy in Littlemore. Exeter College has twinned with the school in a partnership that will provide school pupils with mentoring from Exeter College students and exciting opportunities to visit the College.

The twinning programme is led by local charity Oxford Hub. They have twinned five Oxford colleges with local primary schools to help raise attainment and aspiration in the schools and to develop closer links between the University and the local community.

Exeter College students will work with Stephanie Hale and Ellie Lee (Exeter College Access and Outreach Officer and Schools Liaison Officer respectively), Oxford Hub and the John Henry Newman Academy to deliver a range of online and in-person activities such as academic sessions, tours, and opportunities to enjoy the College’s garden and eat in Hall.

As the twinning partnership was confirmed Stephanie and Ellie commented: ‘We are delighted to have twinned with John Henry Newman Academy. This partnership will enhance Exeter Access and Outreach work, and we very much look forward to engaging with the Littlemore community.’

Rector Professor Sir Rick Trainor commented: ‘This is an exciting new initiative that has been greeted enthusiastically by Exeter students. Working with College staff and the Oxford Hub, they can inspire the next generation of students and help them to reach new levels of achievement.

‘No doubt there will be benefits for Exeter’s students, too. They will reap the reward of seeing the school children make progress. Perhaps our students will also develop personally, for example learning how to express ideas and knowledge in a way that is accessible and fascinating to young minds. The project is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference to young people’s lives.

‘We look forward to welcoming children and teachers from John Henry Newman Academy and sharing this very special place with them.’

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