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01st July 2019

Exeter welcomes East Lothian school pupils for week-long study programme

Exeter College was delighted to welcome 12 school pupils aged 14 and 15 for a week-long residential study programme at the end of June.

The pupils start the 358-mile journey from East Lothian to Oxford

Exeter College was delighted to welcome 12 school pupils aged 14 and 15 for a week-long residential study programme at the end of June. The pupils, who were selected for their potential for independent, creative thinking, and a whole-hearted commitment to learning, came to Exeter for an intensive and academically rigorous programme of tutorials, seminars, and essay writing.

All of the pupils were selected from state schools in East Lothian, Scotland, through a combination of challenging philosophical and mathematical questions plus the submission of a personal statement. The residential study programme was the first of its kind held by an Oxford college for students from Scotland, a part of the UK underrepresented among Oxford undergraduate students. It was created with support from Exeter DPhil candidate Andrew Small, Tutor for Admissions Professor Conall Mac Niocall, and East Lothian Council.

The pupils lived in College for the week, at Exeter’s historic Turl Street premises. They took part in tutorials and interactive seminars, as well as visits to some of the University’s famous museums, Exeter College’s Special Collections, and academic departments.  They also enjoyed excursions such as punting and ate at High Table.

The week gave the pupils an insight into life at Oxford and provided them with an opportunity to explore ideas and gain new perspectives through talking in-depth about subjects and receiving individual feedback and constructive criticism from expert tutors. It is hoped that the programme will not only enrich the experience of the 12 pupils and inspire them to consider applying to study at Oxford, but also help raise aspirations among their fellow students in East Lothian as the pupils return home and share their experiences of Oxford. The residential study programme forms part of the College’s strategy to encourage applications from the best possible candidates, irrespective of their background.

Rector Sir Rick Trainor commented ahead of the programme: “We are delighted to be welcoming these excellent students to Exeter College, where they will receive tuition from world-leading academics, and see all that Oxford University has to offer. The College is committed to seeking out talented students from all areas and backgrounds, and this new initiative is part of that process. We look forward to this partnership developing over the coming years, and would like to thank Andrew Small and East Lothian Council for their assistance in setting up the programme.”

Rain didn’t stop the pupils from enjoying a punting trip on the Cherwell

A seminar in the Morris Room, led by DPhil candidate Andrew Small

Exploring Exeter’s Special Collections with DPhil in English candidate James Misson

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