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18th May 2016

Exeter’s youngest alumni release £2,500 donation

Exeter’s youngest alumni have released a £2,500 donation from Oxford’s Young Alumni Challenge Fund.
The Young Alumni Challenge Fund was launched by the University’s Development Office in 2012 to match gifts made by alumni who have graduated in the past two years. The wonderful generosity of Exeter’s youngest alumni unlocked the maximum match of £2,500. The Challenge Fund matches single gifts on a 1:1 basis and matched regular gifts on a 1:2 basis. A third of Exeter’s young alumni donors set up a regular gift and therefore tripled the value of their gift.
The matched donation will be added to the Annual Fund which supports key areas of life at Exeter such as the tutorial system, extracurricular activities and financial aid. Such a donation is the equivalent of funding a year’s worth of tutorials for an undergraduate or part of a writing-up grant for a doctoral student.
The Young Alumni Challenge Fund will be running again in 2016 and young alumni interested in making a gift to unlock matched funding should contact the Development Office.
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