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24th November 2022

Exonian Choir to perform at Westminster Cathedral

On 26 November 2022, the Exonian Choir will sing at Evening Mass at Westminster Cathedral. Founded in 2016, the Exonian Choir is a vocal ensemble composed of alumni from the Exeter College Chapel Choir and beyond.

The Choir’s appearance at the Cathedral follows a busy programme of performances this year at Westminster Abbey, Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, St Mark’s English Church in Florence, and Guildford Cathedral.

In addition to their live appearances, the Exonian Choir has recently released a recorded performance of ‘There is an Old Belief’ from C.H. Parry’s ‘Songs of Farewell.’ Click here to listen to their performance.

The Evening Mass will take place from 18:00-19:00 and is free to all. Find out more about visiting the Cathedral here.

The Exonian Choir is always keen to find new members. To find out about joining them or for information about upcoming concerts visit the Exonian Choir website, their Instagram account, or email

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