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12th July 2019

Exonian Paddy Storrie publishes debut novel

Exonian Paddy Storrie (1983, Modern History) has published his debut novel, Half-Life.

Half-Life tells the story of 2nd Lieutenant Ben Collins, a Royal Marine with much to prove – to himself, and to his superiors. Cast into a dead-end posting in remote Scotland, there seems little prospect of Collins proving anything. Until a routine convoy routing of nuclear warheads from the Atomic Weapons Establishment to the UK’s nuclear deterrent force in Faslane goes badly wrong.

One minute an amateur-hour act of sabotage by nuclear protesters, the next a full-on assault by a highly motivated and well-armed enemy, Collins is right on the edge, with only an elderly professor, a sarcastic Dutch exchange officer, and a troubled Afghanistan veteran to help him. And the enemy plans not to cause an explosion, nor to sell a warhead to the highest bidder: their far simpler plan stands to devastate the lives of thousands.

Half-Life is a gripping page-turner, available to buy now.

Paddy Storrie is deputy head at a state school in Hertfordshire. To read more about him click here.

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