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24th September 2013

Exonian plays havoc with predictive text in new book Glitzch

Exonian Hugh Kellett (1974, Modern Languages) will publish a comical book in October that plays havoc with British history by rewriting it using predictive text.

Glitzch!: How Predictive Text Plays Havoc with British History takes famous events in British history and looks at how those events might have read had they been written using the commonly fallible predictive text function of mobile phones.

The Queer Vicar (Queen Victoria),Sir Waiter Takeaway (Sir Walter Raleigh) and Floral Nightgown (Florence Nightingale) are among the names and faces to receive the predictive text treatment.

You can read more about Glitzch here and purchase a copy here.

An alternative look at American history is also offered in Glitzch USA. Click here to read more.

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