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26th September 2016

Exonian publishes Bibliography of the Communist Party of Great Britain

Exonian Dave Cope (1969, Modern Languages) has published the Bibliography of the Communist Party of Great Britain, an exhaustive list of materials published by, and in relation to, the Communist Party of Great Britain.

No attempt has been made previously to create such a comprehensive listing for any left-wing organisation in Britain. The extensive introduction offers an entry point to the reference text that follows; among other areas Mr Cope explores how written material on and by the CPGB was distributed, describing its heritage, and offers the first overview of the artists and designers who worked on this material. Andy Croft discusses the representations in fiction of imaginary and real CP members; Bert Hogenkamp lists documentary films featuring the CP and discusses the film companies behind them; and Kevin Morgan discusses past and current approaches to the history of the CPGB. Many of the entries in the bibliography are annotated, especially those concerning lesser known activists.

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