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21st June 2011

Exonian publishes two literary works

Two new and original literary works have just been published by Andrew Thornton-Norris, the author of the acclaimed The Spiritual History of English, published by the Social Affairs Unit.

The first is a novel, The Ghost of Identity, which explores the chasm between today’s materialist culture and the realities of the inner life of man. The second is a collection of poems, The Walled Garden, in which he marries the classic English poetic form of blank verse with a re-discovery of the depths of the central European tradition of Catholic and Classical culture.

In The Spiritual History of English Thornton-Norris argues that today’s social and cultural decay comes from the death of Protestantism in the 1960s and that only the Roman Catholic Church is able to provide once protestant countries such as Britain and America with the underlying sense of values that they have lost.

Andrew studied PPE at Exeter, matriculating in 1987.

Read more about Andrew Thornton-Norris’s work here.

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