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05th September 2019

Exonian wins Gaisford Prize for Greek Verse

Congratulations to Exeter student Jason Webber (2014, Literae Humaniores) on winning the University of Oxford’s Gaisford Prize for Greek Verse.

The Gaisford competitions are held yearly, across the University, for translations of set passages from English into Greek, and are open to any student who matriculated less than six years previously. Jason won the verse prize for a translation of 38 lines of Measure for Measure into Greek iambic trimeter.

On receiving the prize, Jason commented: ‘I’m surprised and delighted to win the prize, and very grateful to Professor Hutchinson (who introduced me to Greek verse composition in my first year) and Professor D’Angour (who taught it to me for Mods). Producing Greek verse is time-consuming at first, but very rewarding, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of learning!’

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