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13th July 2012

Exonians to take part in the ‘Real Relay’

Exonians Tom Cochrane (2001, Economics and Management) and Rebecca Ting (2002, English) are going to take part in the ‘Real Relay’, a tour of Britain that follows the route of the Olympic torch relay, but entirely on foot.

The Real Relay was set up hastily when an endurance runner, Andrew Barker from Devon, realised that for much of the Olympic torch’s journey it would be transported by van, with occasional appearances when travelling through built-up areas.

Running enthusiasts have signed up to carry the Real Relay torch in back-to-back legs, typically of around 10 miles, on the entire 8,000-mile relay route. The Real Relay torch set off 10 days after the Olympic torch, but will overtake it on 18 July in Dover.

Tom Cochrane has volunteered to run the 651st leg of the relay, from Bromley to Croydon University Hospital on 21 July. Rebecca Ting will run the 657th leg, from Hayes to Denham, also on 21 July.

The Real Relay torch will enter the Olympic Park on 22 July with a group relay leg of five miles, which people canĀ sign up to join on the Real Relay website.

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