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08th May 2017

Family kitchens at Cohen Quad formally opened

The Cairncross and McRae kitchens at Cohen Quad were formally opened on 5 May. The kitchens are named for former Rector Dame Frances Cairncross and her husband Hamish McRae, both of whose service to Exeter College has helped the College flourish and made the development of Cohen Quad possible.

The kitchens are communal facilities for the students of Cohen Quad and form the heart of the accommodation facilities – spaces where students can meet, socialise, exchange ideas, cook and eat together.

The kitchens were formally opened at a ceremony on 5 May attended by Frances, Hamish, Rector Professor Sir Rick Trainor and his wife Professor Marguerite Dupree, and fellows, staff and students.

Hamish McRae and Dame Frances Cairncross cut a ribbon at the formal opening of the kitchens at Cohen Quad

Hamish McRae and Dame Frances cut a ribbon at the formal opening of the Cairncross Kitchen

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