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09th December 2013

Film to be made of JRR Tolkien’s life

The life of writer, academic and Exonian JRR Tolkien will be the subject of an upcoming movie. The film will focus particularly on Tolkien’s time in Oxford, where he studied and taught, and on his experiences in the First World War. Both periods are understood to have been formative influences on Tolkien’s fiction.

JRR Tolkien came to Exeter in 1911 to read Classics, but later changed to English Language and Literature. It was in Exeter College library that Tolkien found the first key to his astonishing creative drive. In his first term, he came across a book of Finnish Grammar—this book remains in the Library today. For young Tolkien, the book was life-changing. It laid the foundation for his lifelong hobby of inventing languages, such as the languages of the Elves.

Tolkien was active in many clubs and societies at Exeter College, during and after his time as a student. He remained fond of the College, and left money to Exeter in his will.

The biopic is, for the time being at least, simply called Tolkien. The script is currently being developed by Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment. It is understood that the scriptwriter is Irish screenwriter-director and Tolkien fan David Gleeson.

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