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05th October 2021 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

Action and explosions on release of final series of Endeavour, featuring Exeter College

Exeter College’s striking Dining Hall, stunning Chapel, picturesque Front Quad, and atmospheric Library have featured in many TV shows and movies. Most recently, Exeter was the site of the first episode of the new and final series of popular detective drama series, Endeavour 

Directed by and starring Shaun Evans, series eight of this classic British show is set in 1971 Oxford. An explosive murder at Exeter College leads to a thrilling mission for protagonist Endeavour Morse, who returns in this series struggling to cope with the effects of events in the previous series. 

Many members of Exeter College were involved in the making of this episode, Striker, in a range of ways. Rector Professor Sir Rick Trainor was consulted on the script and suggested various changes to increase its historical authenticity, which writer Russell Lewis reflected in the final script. Meanwhile, College staff supported the temporary removal of some of Exeter’s windows for a particularly exciting scene. Striker involves an explosion in College, so it is sure to make for particularly exciting viewing for Exeter College students and alumni. 

Striker is available for streaming in the UK on ITV Hub here


Filming for Endeavour took place at Exeter College in March. 


Fellow Professor Jonathan Herring’s office was transformed for filming!

Prof Herrings office was used for filming for Endeavour

Filming took place for Endeavour in Prof Herrings office

Filming took place in Prof Herrings office

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