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20th September 2020

Helen Marten publishes debut novel

Exeter College alumna and honorary fellow Helen Marten (2005, Fine Art) has published her debut novel, The Boiled in Between. The novel was published on 14 September by Prototype Publishing.

Helen Marten is best known for her sculptures, for which she received the Turner Prize and the Hepworth Prize for Contemporary Sculpture, both in 2016. She has now turned her creative energy to novel writing.

The Boiled in Between is a bold and daring work of fiction which transposes the poetic sensibility of Helen Marten’s visual work to the page. It is a challenging, playful, enigmatic, tactile and deliberately ambiguous work of great inventiveness, marking Marten as an exceptional talent and unique voice in contemporary fiction.

The novel began as an attempt to map the structure and stories of a house; within its tilted, sensuous, alchemical world, characters navigate strange, meticulously indexed landscapes – real and conceptual – to question language and definition and illuminate the associative movements of our minds.

You can read more about The Boiled in Between and purchase a copy here.

The Boiled In Between by Helen Marten

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