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09th September 2022 Rector Professor Sir Rick Trainor

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Those of us in Exeter College are reflecting on the very sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Throughout her long reign the late Queen epitomised ideals of service and duty which are widely admired in the Exeter College community, across the United Kingdom and indeed throughout the world.  Also, Her Majesty’s deep involvement with the Commonwealth promoted the diversity and tolerance greatly prized both at Exeter and much more widely.  The Queen showed grace and sensitivity as she interacted with a huge range of people both within the UK and around the globe.  Her Majesty was a constant in a fast-changing world and was greatly respected for her courage, dignity, and quiet diplomacy.

The Union Flag has been flying at half-staff on the College flagpole in Turl Street since the announcement yesterday of the death of Her Majesty.  It will continue to be flown that way throughout the period of national mourning except when custom dictates otherwise, notably during the interval between the national and local proclamations of the new reign.

The College Chapel is open for anyone who wishes to take time to reflect or pray.  A book of condolence is available there.  In due course, as the Exeter community reassembles for the new academic year, there will be a service of commemoration in the Chapel.

Rick Trainor

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