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10th July 2009

Hiking to beat world hunger

Simon Lewis (1998, PPE) will be at the forefront of a new international effort to raise awareness of food crises and hunger across the world. He is a key member of, a group which plans to commemorate UN-sponsored World Food Day on 16th October with a series of coordinated hikes across the world. On that day a group of Australian walkers will make their final ascent to the summit of Mt Kosciusko, Australia’s highest mountain – it will be the conclusion of a 600 km hike from the suburbs of Sydney. On the same day, a group of hikers in the UK will cross the Greenwich Meridian after a 300 km journey along the Thames, and a group in Zimbabwe will complete their own march.

The walkers aim to demonstrate solidarity across the world, and to inspire support and donations from family, friends and businesses. Donations received will be invested in grass-roots organisations who are working to make long-term improvements in their communities’ food security.

The focus of their 2009 campaign is Zimbabwe – a country ravaged by hunger and cholera. Once considered the bread-basket of its region, the UN now estimates 50% of Zimbabweans will face starvation this year, 85% of them children. hopes to help.

To find out more about and the hikes this year, visit their website.

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